Where to Start?

As you can see from the materials in our website, SINACONN company offers your company several levels of cooperation to promote your product or service on the EU and Russian consumer market. From searching buyers and increasing your gain and to organization of your "final assembly" company with expanded distributive network and support service inside the territory of the EU or Russia. You can chose the development model and we will organize this process in the EU and Russia.

Where to Start Now?

If your company is interested in the SINACONN company offer, you can write us what products or services you can offer on the EU and Russian markets. You can write us what kind of assistance you would like to receive from the SINACONN company for successful expanding your business on the EU and Russian markets.

This information you can send to the address, referred to in the chapter "our contacts".

SINACONN company conducts primary analysis of the product or service market interested to your company and will make your company an offer concerning your product or service promotion.

Please give your company contact person and convenient working language. Perhaps we will shall need clarifying questions - and we want to discuss them with the competent authority of your company.

You can also use the following feedback form to send us a short message:
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