About Us

The SINACONN Company is an international association and actually represents three companies of European (Estonian), Russian and Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Cooperating with SINACONN Company, your company gets the opportunity to be represented on three markets: the EU, Russian (CIS) and Ukrainian. It allows us to decide issues concerning your business development globally.

SINACONN Company always takes into account the peculiarities of each market and offers your company the best path of your business development.

Specific features of EU, Russian and Ukrainian markets:


EU market presents the market with a population of 502 million people and a gross domestic product (GDP) of 13 trillion USD.

The EU is close integrative association. The EU countries are linked by the common law, the common customs territory, the common visa space and the common currency policy.

SINACONN Company has an office in the capital of Estonia - Tallinn. Estonia is a full member of the EU with the following unique benefits:

High-quality and consumer trade, compared to other EU countries, value of labor power.

Tax system convenient for the foreign investors. Lower taxation rates compared to other EU countries. Income tax is equal to 0%.

High standards of information technologies.

Liberal trade and price policy. Pass-through legislation friendly to foreign investors. The absence of any restrictions for free floating of capital. The high degree of foreign investors supporting.

Euro is the unit of currency in Estonia.

Availability of modern business centers and technology parks designed for business organization and development or foreign investors’ involvement.

Availability of modern seaports, terminals, customs and consignment storehouses with consumer trade utilization value compared to other EU countries. Whereas convenient logistic location compared to other EU countries with high purchasing power: Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Holland, France.

An example of Estonia as EU country and China successful cooperation is the experience QMESL Technology company, that established a logistics center in Tallinn and further plans to launch production inside the territory of Estonia.

and CIS markets

Russia and CIS presents the market with a population of 280 million people and a gross domestic product (GDP) of $ 3 trillion USD.

SINACONN company has an office in Russia, in Saint Petersburg, that is the second largest city of Russia.

The advantages of Saint Petersburg are:

High purchasing power of the second largest region of Russia in terms of consumer demand and distribution area.

Qualitative and skilled labor force.

Convenient shipping logistics. Saint Petersburg is the sea gate of Russia. Saint Petersburg and the region locate modern ports, terminals, customs and consignment storehouses.

Convenient road and rail logistics with Moscow. The cost of storehouses and premises renting, labor force and other related services is significantly lower compared to Moscow.

Convenient geopolitical location close to the borders with the EU, in the borderland between international transport corridors.

Powerful international industrial and financial center.


Ukraine presents the market with a population of 42 million people and gross domestic product (GDP) of 177 billion USD.

SINACONN Company has an office in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

Ukraine is geographically conveniently located between two major economic unions: the EU and Russia (CIS).

Ukraine has duty-free trade treatment with both the EU and Russia. This makes it production engineering in Ukraine for goods intended not only for Ukraine but also for much larger markets of the EU and Russia economically attractive.

The advantages of Ukraine are:

Well-developed transportation network. Convenient and low-cost logistics in the EU or Russia.

Low taxation rate (VAT is 20%, income tax is 18%, VAT returns when exporting, terminal customs duty for components from China is 0%).

High-quality and low cost labor force. The cost of labor in Ukraine is comparable to the Chinese.

Low cost land and moderate low cost energy.

A wide range of manufacturing ventures for sale with reasonable prices. Choice from a large number of enterprises in default.

Ukraine is a member of the CIS, has an Agreement for free trade area with the CIS countries and exports its products to Russia and CIS countries duty free.

Ukraine signed an Association Agreement with the EU and also exports its products to the EU duty free.

The organization of "final assembly" companies from your constituent parts and semi-finished products inside the territory of Ukraine allows your company to have duty-free trade treatment with both the EU and Russia (CIS).