International tax planning

If your company is going to carry on serious international trade, the SINACONN Company is ready to provide international tax planning services to reduce your company provisions for tax.

SINACONN company international tax planning services include:

  • Consultation on issues concerning international tax planning and companies business activities.
  • Legal services related to tax mitigation, as well as assets saving and accumulation inside the territory of the EU and Russia.
  • Consulting, legal analysis and the development of tax planning schemes for the country where your company activities are planned jurisdiction.
  • Analyzing countries with low-tax rates jurisdiction, determining the most favorable treatments and terms of your company profit taxation.
  • Construction of the holding schemes.
  • Assessment of capital input/output conditions, affiliated and structural companies income repatriation, determination of related taxes.
  • Schemes for capital transfer in form of direct and portfolio investments analysis and design.
  • Creation of capital investment and reinvestment legal schemes.
  • Dividends output, external-economic loans operations, royalties.

SINACONN company offers International tax planning services that allows legally optimizing costs and increasing your company's gain.