Accounting services

If your company is going to open a subsidiary in the EU or Russia, the company SINACONN is ready to undertake fully the accounting services for your company.

Due to SINACONN Company outsourcing, your company can reduce its costs and focus on its primary activity. Accounting services includes daily activities and making out the necessary periodic reports for tax and social services.

SINACONN company outsourcing services include:

  • Implementation of current accounting transactions.
  • Asset accounting.
  • Payroll preparation and maintenance of all the statutory documents related to the staff.
  • Drafting of periodic (month, quarter, annual) reports to the taxing and social authorities.
  • Calculation of all taxes and preparation of tax declarations.
  • Drafting of all documents for payment transactions.
  • Consulting and guidelines for current accounting and taxation.
  • Representing your company in the taxing authorities.