Customs consignment storehouse

SINACONN Company provides your goods consignment trade inside the territory of the EU and Russia.

SINACONN Company, under outsourcing terms, is ready to provide your company with the following process:

  • Customs storehouse rent. Organization of your goods stockturn and accounting in that storehouse.
  • Customs clearance of your goods, customs clearance and fees charge.
  • Your product certification and obtaining consent documents from government agencies.
  • Ensuring your company, as the owner of the products, full payment for your product sold to the final buyer inside the territory of the EU and Russia.
  • Optimization of the costs associated with customs clearance and fees charge by forming small batches convenient for final buyers.
  • Delivery of goods to final buyers.
  • Trading transactions legal backing inside the territory of the EU and Russia.
  • Preservation of your goods by insurance against risks.

When conducting consignment trade through the SINACONN company, your company as the beneficial owner of the product at the customs consignment storehouse will be legally entitled to command its products:

  • Freely sell the products from the customs storehouse to the final buyers.
  • Attend the customs consignment storehouse, draw up an inventory and check the product availability and documentation.
  • Obtain from SINACONN company full information concerning your products movement through the storehouse, draw up an inventory.
  • To order from the SINACONN company shipping its products outside the EU borders to the final buyers, such as Russia or back to China without customs clearance and fees charge.